Olaf Skoreng - Producer - Mix Engineer

Olaf Scoring is a freelance Record Producer and Soundengineer. He produces, records and mixes bands for Moon Music Studios, with a focus on alternative music. His goal is to create a natural and modern sound with some interesting, vintage elements.

Besides production, he has a lot of experience in live audio, working as as FOH and Monitor mixer for a number of venue’s, AV rental company’s, bands and festivals.

For the best sounds, Olaf is your guy!

Ingo Jetten - Producer / Guitar Player

Ingo graduated as a guitarist from the Rockacademy in Tilburg, but is part of the Moon Music production crew. Besides laying down beautiful guitar parts for your tunes, he is also sure help you find your sound when you record at the studio.

Besides being an incredible producer, Ingo actively plays in bands such as Lesoir, Martinus and Breach. He is sure to translate his experience into beautiful productions for whoever records at Moon Music Studios.

Melvin Rijlaarsdam - Mix Engineer

Melvin has been making music for as long as he can remember, having started with playing drums on pots and pans, but graduating to playing actual drums, before getting his hands on the guitar. Around this time he started writing and composing his own music, and went on to study composition and music production at the HKU. Here he learned all about conceptual thinking, writing for film, recording and studio technology.

We are very proud to have him on board as mixing engineer in the studio.

Wouter Bude - Producer / Studio Owner

When you or your band are looking for a great sound with some vintage feel qualities
and you want a producer that takes good care of you and all your songs
I’d suggest you wander into this world called Moon,
It’s a very strange place where Music gets made.

Wouter Bude started Moon Music studios after graduating from the Rockacademy in Tilburg. His passion for music and gear is the spark that started it all. Several year later, he has successfully set up a beautiful studio and currently focusses on his new label Polymoon, which he set up with Christiaan Nijburg. He now works behind the scenes, keeping the studio afloat, but you’ll be sure to see our very own Moonman around from time to time!

Falco van den Aker - MOOOT Producer

Falco is perhaps best known for his success as part of the DJ act Deepend, but we are very proud to have him be part of the Moon Music Production team. His experience in the music industry is sure to elevate your production to another level and you couldn’t be in more capable hands.

Moon - Dog


Loran Koehorst
Loran Koehorst - Marketing & Distribution (Intern)

Loran came all the way from Leeuwarden to take a load off Moon Music Studios’ shoulders and help out with all kinds of tasks around the studio. He mostly works for Polymoon, as he dreams of setting up his own studio and label one day. He is studying Creative Business in Leeuwarden and is here to apply his skills to get Moon Music Studio’s tunes heard.

Intern Harm-Jan Kippers
Harm-Jan Kippers - Production & Audio Engineering (Intern)

Harm-Jan studies MediaMusic at ArteZ school of the arts in Enschede, but came all the way to the Moon Music Studio’s to apply his skills and learn all there is about audio engineering and producing. He helps out with all kinds of production tasks and never hesitates to advice you on which materials will give you the sound you’re looking for! He joins the team to learn all about production and experiment with analogue sounds.

intern Sarah Dekker (Moonloops)
Sarah Dekker - PR & Promo Manager (Intern)

Sarah Dekker came all the way from Leeuwarden, where she currently studies Popular Culture, to learn all about the ins and outs of the music industry. She is professionally known as Moonloops and makes harmonious indie pop. She helps Moon Music Studios out with all their PR and Promo needs, and works for Polymoon. Her aim is to learn as much as possible about the way the industry works, as she keeps a close eye on everything that’s going on at the Moon Music Studios, to report it back to you!

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