We are looking for interns for 2023!

We are looking for interns to join our company in 2023

We offer a wide variety of positions (composing, production, mixing, recording) so that you can find the right internship for you. It will also give us the opportunity to work with a variety of people, all of whom bring new knowledge and a fresh perspective!

Could this be an interesting opportunity for you? If you do, please take a look at the positions we have and apply already today!

Apply now. mail wouter@moonmusic.eu
Duration – 3 or 12 months from January 2023 (in consultation)
Location – Roermond (Limburg) Utrecht (Utrecht)

Field – Studio – Production, Musicians, Studio Technology,
Field – Label – Design, PR Communication, Business, Marketing

Key features
– Creative – from pre-production to release
– Keep agreements – arrive on time and communicate clearly
– Work independently – Hands-on cooperation in assignments – from recording to mixing
– Working in team – supporting team

We have a lot of experience with interns. Every year we offer an internship to ten young professionals

About The Moon Music Studios

A musician’s playground. And no idea goes without throwing it back and forwards. Because of the Moon’s surreal and utmost strange walls there are ideas jumping like rubber marbles. You’d better watch out or you might get a little hit in the head.

Moon’s vintage decor, its persian carpets, the battered piano.
An old chair in the corner, bruised and used. Cables entwined like a masterly mind. A green glow at nighttime from the window in moonlight. The smell, only wooden floorboards can have, the tales only old stuff can tell. It’s magic, it’s stardust, it’s music, in Moon’s light.

The Moon

Recording Room 80 m² Booth / 12m² Controle room / 40m²

The Playground

Control Room 72 m² Booth / 20m² / 22m²

Willi Studer Room

22m² Control room

Deep Moon

22m² Control room


Soon - 55m² Control room