New Release: Golvendans & Tayyib – Stuck In The System

We are proud to announce a collaboration between Golvendans and Tayyib Ali, recorded right here at Moon Music Studios!

American rapper & lyricist Tayyib Ali collaborates on this new song with the Dutch group Golvendans. The skilled band melted a true vintage sound that perfectly fits Ali’s smooth & friendly flow. An honest message is drifting on top of the beat. The song is telling a story for those who may not have a voice to speak up. Tayyib Ali: ‘Where I grew up there’s a lot of people stuck in the system. It’s much deeper than just the prison system tho, that’s why in the song I stated, “Stuck in the system since birth, I done rose from the dirt, when they’re mad at who did it first”. It’s a soulful & laidback track; it catches that old-school hip-hop vibe.

Golvendans & Tayyib Ali - Stuck In The System

Golvendans & Tayyib Ali – Stuck In The System

You can listen to the track right here: