Clipprimeur: Pocket Knife Army - ‘Grow Up’

Hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands, Pocket Knife Army is the project of Desirée Coumans (vocals, looper, acoustic guitar) and Erwin Tuijl (synths and programming, electric guitar).

They’ve created a style of their own by combining expressive vocals with electronics, keeping clear focus on the live experience. Each song is a world on it’s own, with sometimes extreme shifts in dynamics. Their self-titled EP from 2014 captures this as well, from the blistering breakdown in ‘Cowboys’ and the moody techno of ‘Unharmed’ to the paranoia of ‘Wolf of Memphis’, the latter being accompanied by a rather unsettling video clip.

Pocket Knife Army sounds like the lovechild of Thom Yorke and Imogen Heap, with the members of Portishead as uncles and aunts. A debut album is to appear later this year.