Testing Zebra Drums

Zebra Drums is a small company owned and run by Sjoerd van den Beuken, which specializes in the making of handcrafted solid stave snare drums. By being a small company, Zebra Drums can provide the attention that a customer needs to come to the perfect match between that individual person and the particular drum in question. The drum can be built to each specification concerning woodtype, thickness of the shell, depth of the shell, choices between 4 different types of hoops and finally the finish of the shell, including the colour of the hardware any musician/customer could want. The combinations are endless, except for the type of lug that can be used. Zebra Drums uses the renowned tube lug exclusively, due to the opinion that any other lug can compromise the resonance of the shell. It also gives the drum a certain look that Zebra Drums is after and often prized for.