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Enter the amazing world of DrNo-Effects, where "legenday vintage sound myths" 
become reality and within reach of every Guitar player.
Dr.No has found and captured the legendary myths of the sound we all love,
the "True Vintage Analog Tone". That was only been played and made famous by 
our Guitar Heroes like Hendrix, Page, Sabbath, Clapton, 
who set that individual and inspiring tone.
Dr.No is dedicated and made it his life work to capture this myth and make 
it available and within reach of every modern guitar player that 
loves true tone and share love for vintage gear, 
but does not want the disadvantage of old gear.







This is perhaps my most special and definitely my most “retro” invention to date! Based on all those super sexy but oh so rare and unaffordable Fuzz boxes from the 60s and 70s, the “Octofuzz” really brings that nasty and yet sweet fuzz sound that take you back to legends such as Hendrix and Page. But the “Octofuzz” is not just something for the flower power and garage adepts, it can be used with equal success in today’s more popular genres. For example people who have a Queens Of The Stone Age fetish will simply adore this tone!

This box comes with a toggle switch for the Octaver so it can be used as “just” a fuzz.





Watch out for this awesome machine! This one sounds like an old Russian Tupolev airplane flying over at low altitude.

With his amazing low deep sound the “Kafuzz!!” takes you back to the times that fuzz was the standard sound of bands like Black Sabbath and a lot of other heroes who made this sound famous. There is no other effect available in the guitar effect world nowadays that provides you with this incredible smooth, deep, fat and distorted sound. The sound of the “Kafuzz!!” puts you as a guitar player right in front and does not suck up all the energy like similar other heavy gain fuzz distorted effects. Its sounds great with heavy cords but even better with good fast and slow hand lead licks. Gain/fuzz and tone pots are tunable with great precision that can provides you with a wide range of possibilities. DrNo has found the cure for your everlasting search for good old reliable fuzz sounds with this effect.





Next up: “The Madfly”! The second stompbox I made and again a heavy duty son of a-you-know-who! Think old Black Sabbath, think Kyuss, think Fu Manchu and you will be thinking in the right direction. The “Madfly” will give you all the low-end fuzz/distortion you could ever wish for!

Whether it is outright Doom Metal or a more subtle Stoner sound you are looking for, look no further; “Mad Fly” has landed!




Blues, anyone? From Stevie Ray Vaughan’s super defined Stratocaster twang to Jeff Beck’s dramatic Gibson scream, guess what kind of stompboxes made those sounds? Well, let me tell you, if it wasn’t something extremely similar to the “More Gary” I’ll eat my record collection!

This box handles each “moody blues” mode with ease, from very subtle to a hard strum, it will give you the ability to control your tone with more range and texture.

The “More Gary” definitely longs to be combined with a nice little tube amp and with its exceptional controls it will give you endless tweaking possibilities.




Are you ready for the dirtiest, the filthiest, the grimiest and the absolutely heaviest bass distortion of all times? This is the box that the Devil made me build. Oh yeah, Satan is a bass player! This stompbox from hell aptly named “Black Magic” will not, as most bass distortions do, totally destroy your Low-end sound but in fact raises it to the point of insanity! It wil transform your little shoebox amp into an infernal legion of Ampeg 8×10 growlers that will empty your bowels and shake off your skin!

This ain’t about pickin’ daisies and puppy love…
This is dangerous shit!!!





This was the first and most successful DrNo stompbox, it all started here! The first generation was licensed under Blendomatic. From there the development and production of the DrNo stompboxes started. And we soon went from this one box to a still growing repertoire of original and, more importantly, powerful effects!

It all started out as a fun side project while being a guitar roadie for Peter Pan Speedrock. Hearing and seeing the band perform for many years Peter told me he was looking for a good distortion/booster to Boost his lead gain.

With this in mind I designed and manufactured this box and gave it to Peter van Elderen, guitarplayer/vocalist for this Eindhoven powerhouse, and he took to it like a fish to water! Peter now uses “The Drive-o-Matic” live and in the studio which goes to show that it is a versatile and, not unimportantly, a sturdy piece of hardware. So my very first endeavor into the world of effects engineering was an instant success!

This box in combination in with a good “Marshall-esque” 100w amplifier will definitely bring the Rock-n-Roll-Tube-Screamin’-Thunder and can even be used for your more High Gain sounds.

So get yourself a heavy duty guitar, an Eindhoven Amps MJ 100/PPSR amp, “The Drive-o-Matic” stomper, a few hot riffs, a couple of screaming leads and you are good to go!