27tapes - Amongster - Fear Until You Leave Me - Live From The Moon Music Studios

Recorded by Wouter Budé / Moon Music Studio’s 
Online Presence by Maikel Janssen / Exitable
Video by Doron Tempert 
Mixed & Mastered by Wessel Oltheten
Interviews by Ilona Tonnaer 
Graphic design by José Luis Almagro

Sponsored by:
SPL / https://www.spl.info 
Rietveldlicht / https://www.rietveldlicht.nl 

3 COUNTRIES. 3 BANDS. 3 DISCIPLINES. One premium production collective.

Crossing borders in every way, right here. Connecting Holland to Belgium to Germany. Bringing together the most epic and promising bands. With visual virtue, audio excellence and online awareness. This is what it all adds up to. One premium production collective, 27 tapes.